Nicole Bowes

I'm Nicole Bowes - founder and owner of Hado Bowes. 

Launching Hado Bowes has been in the works for many years after embracing my own wellness journey. 

I was always interested in living a healthy, and holistic lifestyle. It was a way of living for me that perhaps I took for granted until I didn’t feel well.

I struggled with many symptoms …weight gain, inflammation, shin splints, back pain, and infertility...  I tried many things that helped, but often found myself back in the pattern of chasing symptoms.   I realized that it is hard to keep doing the things that make you feel well because when you do feel well, you don’t remember how bad you previously felt. 

Each time I'd make progress in my health journey, narrowing down symptoms to acute solutions, I’d eventually find myself slipping back into feeling unwell. Only then would it be apparent how good I had just felt. Incremental change can sometimes make it more difficult to see the growth and impact on your daily wellness.  Because of this, I needed something more sustainable to get back to the lifestyle I wanted for myself. I started to look at wellness as a bigger unit,  factoring in stress, emotions, movement, how I feel and embrace movement, and how I was speaking to myself. 

The journey isn't easy. Through a combination of naturopathic eating, rehabilitation pilates, a Hado-inspired method for nurturing myself as a whole, and using kind words when I spoke to myself, I was able to harness sustainable transformation for my overall well-being.  

My hope for you is that you can transform your healing journey to suit you.  I would be honoured to be a part of your journey with Reflexology or Pilates. 

With an existing background as a Certified Advanced Energy Healer (Inner Focus School for Advanced Energy Healing), I dabbled in Pilates until 2018 when I began teacher training.  This focus and deep knowledge of the body helped boost my wellness and opportunities that suited my unique situation started to emerge. Through research and discussion with experts, I was able to design a lifestyle and customized approach that advanced my wellness and ability to control and commit to my journey. Fast forward to today, I am now  Comprehensively Trained through Body Harmonics, a well recognized and respected school world wide. I have been actively expanding my knowledge and skill base. Always learning more with continuing education credits through Body Harmonics, Psoas, myofascial, prenatal, pelvic floor, and currently training to be a teacher trainer at Body Harmonics. And of course, Reflexology which I began in 2021 soon to be certified with The Reflexology Association of Canada. 

I’m a lifelong learner and love discovering new methods to grow and enhance my overall health and wellness.

I find great fulfillment in making my learning accessible and available to meet others where they are on their journey and help them discover an approach to wellness that works for them. Launching Hado Bowes is the next step to reaching more people and making wellness accessible and tailored for them. 

Welcome. I'm so glad you are here.