Hado Bowes’ mission is to support you on your wellness journey by providing services and products that envelop words and intentions for wellness.    

We are made up of water.  

The way we talk to ourselves, treat ourselves, and what we surround ourselves with has a direct impact on our well being; right down to the cells in our body. 

Hado Bowes is inspired by a holistic approach to wellness. Research from Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrates that water is shaped differently when exposed to different thoughts, energies, and emotions. 

During his study, Dr. Emoto discovered that water droplets that had been repeatedly exposed to positive or negative words profoundly changed the water’s color, shape, and symmetry. He even showed that polluted and toxic water, when exposed to positive energies and intentions, can be altered and restored to the beautifully formed geometric crystals found in clean, healthy water.

His experiments involved taking jars of distilled water and surrounding them with positive or negative words or labels such as “happiness”, “beautiful”, “evil” or phrases such as “you disgust me.” Then the jars were left overnight. 

The results were astonishing; the jars of water with positive words and phrases formed beautiful, symmetrical crystals that looked very similar to snowflakes while the negative words were discoloured, chaotic, and fragmented. Have a look at some of the results:

This learning and insight has a profound impact on how we control and influence our own wellness; our actions, words and thoughts impact the cells in our body. We are made up of WATER!!  

Hado is the intrinsic reading of the vibration of water.

“Human beings are also vibrating, and each indivdual vibrates at a unique frequency” - Dr. Emoto - The Hidden Messages of Water

At Hado Bowes, we are inspired by a scientific backing that positive and negative thinking has a biological impact on the water within the world around us and ourselves.  We believe that positive attitudes, positive thinking, and positive thoughts do change our lives.